The Hidden Hormone Epidemic: A conversation with Dr. Aviva Romm [Part 1]

Are you all set to chat regarding hormone wellness? This is the episode that Robin has literally been counting down the days to, with her unique guest Dr. Aviva Romm!

Today they dive deep right into all things hormonal agent health and wellness that we experience in our everyday life, in addition to through the different stages and also seasons we relocate through. Robin also asks Dr. Romm the questions that you sent by social networks as well as email to have actually addressed, and also the info she shared was so interesting to listen to.

As you know, Robin has actually gotten on a trip this past year with her own hormonal wellness, showing you as high as feasible along the method. Bringing Dr. Romm on the podcast today is an incredible opportunity to get a professional point of view on these crucial subjects, and also hopefully it equips you on your journey to support for your health and wellness and to feel your very best.  

You’re not mosting likely to intend to miss Component 2 of this unique conversation following time on the podcast. We’ll see you after that!

Program highlights: what you can eagerly anticipate in this episode! There is

  • a surprise hormone epidemic that exists, with a number of degrees to why it’s hidden therefore usually stabilized in culture. Dr. Romm made a large understanding after starting university years back, as well as she considered herself a “trojan equine” when she went back to Yale years later to get her MD. 
  • Hormone wellness is an important crucial indication of our overall health and wellness in a selection of ways, every day and not simply during certain times of the month. 
  • We’re getting much better as moms at confessing when something is off, however traditionally females have just kept going as well as tried to press via fatigue.
  • We commonly forget the non-physical symptoms of burnout, but there are refined indicators to expect and also to be familiar with.  
  • The right kinds of foods, including carbohydrates, healthy and balanced fats as well as top quality proteins, are definitely vital for sustaining our anxious system. 
  • Smart tools can be our worst enemy at bed time. Dr. Romm shares just how to approach a sleep routine in the most ideal way. 
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