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V2 Cigs Review

It is in 2010 that V2 Cigs the top-selling e-cigarette globally for 2 years, hit the US electronic cigarette platform. There have been so many V2 cigs review posted online testifying the product’s awesomeness.

V2 Cigs Review
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Battery Life

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The product comes to you in an impressively large and stylish package meant to make a great first impression. A magnetic flap holds the big kit box together. The contents of the package include cartomizers, two batteries and the chargers. With all the cartomizers intact, you avoid leaks and damaged parts with the neat, sleek package. Besides, the box though big is small enough for discretion and easy carrying.

What Type of Flavors Do V2 Cigs Offer

Here great value for money awaits you as this company offers you pre-filled cartomizers and empty phials to get extra V2 e-liquid. The premium quality e-liquid and liquid are available in the leading flavours, notably Mint tea, Congress Tobacco, V2 Red Tobacco, Chocolate, Menthol, Coffee, Peppermint and Cola.

When placing your order, you may ask for a variety of flavors as per your preference. With each of the dozen pre-filled cartomizers holding 5 separate cartomizers within, you are looking at about 250 puffs on the liquid phials which go to over 400 puffs if you throw in the refilled cartomizers.

The EX series is an upgrade which gives you more puffs.

What About V2's Battery Life

Any V2 cigs review must emphasize the quality of the batteries. The enhanced batteries assure you more puffs as V2 offers you both manual and automatic batteries, one factor that puts them ahead of the pack.

This KR808D battery kind guarantees you close to 6 hours of regular vaping, which comes to about 200 puffs on the automatic battery. The output of both batteries is similar and perfect with incredibly satisfactory vapour volume and instant vapor release.

Their charging time is 2 hours using the included USB charger or wall charger. V2 Cigs finally delivers on the ever elusive high-performance battery life with throat hit that e-cig enthusiasts crave.

How much Nicotine Percentage is packed into V2?

The nicotine packs quite a punch depending on your needs.

The pungent flavored cartomizers contain different levels of nicotine such as 24 mg or 2.4% for the heavy smokers, and the nicotine option. In between, the brand accommodates the light smokers, regular smokers and ultra-light smokers with the relevant nicotine levels as per regulations.

However, V2 uses electrical vaporizing technology to quench your nicotine craving without exposing your lungs to nicotine. This is one of the factors that some V2 cig review ignore, but it is very crucial.

Enhanced Social Inclusivity

Without the chemicals, ash, and odours from normal smoking, the electronic cigarette will get you more inclusivity as you enjoy your puffs without upsetting others. Public Health England adds that the e-cigarette is up to 95% less injurious to health in comparison to traditional cigarettes. They cause no secondary smoker issues and with the zero tobacco content on the non-combustible gadget, you can puff away anywhere even in non-smoking zones while providing you with your nicotine dose. This is the support you need to quit tobacco smoking.

How do V2 Starter Kits Work?

V2 Cigs makes effort to accommodate the different needs of their users with the highly diversified kits. You get the luxury of choosing between getting more cartomizers, a greater variety of accessories such as chargers, batteries, carrier cases and even variant concentration of nicotine in the cartomizers. On the whole, e-cigs make a smaller dent in your wallet and expose you to fewer smoking-related health risks. Coupling this thoughtful packaging with the competitive prices, V2 Cigs will gain mileage on building a loyal customer base.

What's V2 Cigs Guarantee and Warranty Look Like?

Any V2 cigs review is incomplete without looking at the guarantee and product’s warranty. V2 shows unmatched confidence on their product with a 14-day full refund guarantee and additional security in the warranty policy. It would be worth your while to place your order with the manufacturer or authorised reputable shipping companies to avoid receiving damaged or fake products with no option for recourse.
So far, V2 Cigs seems to be on point on all the things that make a fantastic e-cigarette. Given the consistency in throat hit and vapor volume, enhanced battery performance and a variety of flavours, V2Cigs anticipated your every need with this e-cigarette. The bespoke V2 Cigs give you all you desire in an e-cigarette for total relaxation and inclusivity even as you spend time in the non-smoking company. It certainly has earned its place as the top brand on the e-cigarette market. Place your order today for unmatched healthy smoking experience with the support of V2 Cigs.

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