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Complete Vapor Couture Review

Vapor Couture is discontinuing their line.

However, we still highly recommend the parent company – V2 cigs

Here comes the ladies segment in the world of e- cigarettes. If you are tired of using the e- cigs designed for men then this is the appropriate option for you. Vapor couture e-cigs are filled with style. It is designed especially for women as they prefer something fashionable and stylish. Vapor couture is considered as a sister company of V2 e- cig. It uses most of the smart technology from V2 cigs
Starter kit
The vapor couture offers you with three different kits. Each of them has their own specialty and traits. Here you go with the kits:
Vapor Couture Entree Kit
This kit contains
1 vapor couture battery,
1smart charger,
1 single use e-cig
6 flavor cartridges.

It has wonderful attire with stylish look along metal finish with company’s signature on it. The vapor production is the best quality that you will find in this kit. This kit is of affordable price and it costs 39.95 US Dollars.
Vapor Couture Essential Kit
It contains
2 batteries,
a charger,
5 cartridges,
1 USB charger
1 user’s manual.

This kit has a simple and elegant look.   On the other hand, you find color variations of the batteries.  The price of this kit is worth 55.20 US Dollars.
Vapor couture deluxe kit
This is one of the well-designed kits of VC. This kit contains
2 automatic batteries,
2 five packs of cartridges,
1 clutch,
1 lanyards,
1 wall charger
1 USB charger.

The uniqueness of this kit is that you have got a clutch with it. The clutch even has enough space in it that is will be able to carry your credit cards too. It has a luxurious and elegant look that every woman awaits for. So this is the opportunity to grasp it, therefore, to make it yours, you just have to pay 84.95 US Dollar for it.
Design and Packaging
The package is all what that it speaks. The accessories are packed in a purple and gold color box with well-defined chambers.  These e-cigs are a style statement for the girls. The design of the e-cig is a slim line and two piece model with crystal design at the tip of it. Every VC e-cig has a signature on it of its company’s name. The looks of the packaging makes it an approachable one.
Battery Life
The batteries of vapor couture are in slim line design. The durability of the battery after charging is for 4 to 7 hours depending upon the usage. The charging is quick compared to other e-cigarettes. The charger glows red while the e-cig is charging meanwhile when the battery is refilled it turns into blue. The battery of vapor couture gives you a new experience of charging.
Vapor Production
Vapor production is the best side of vapor couture, as it goes with the name. The density and volume of vapor are appreciable; it provides the feeling of a well defined branded e-cig. With two to three puffs you will be able the get the sense of tobacco cigarettes. The throat hit that you get is a wonderful experience. The vapor production of this product will surely drive you towards it.
Nicotine level
The vapor couture provides you with four nicotine level. They are
light – 6mg
medium – 12mg
full – 18mg

This provides you with the option so that you can choose that suits you the best. Vapor couture is concern about the customer’s choice.
Vapor couture provides 6 different types of cartridges with interesting name and taste.
Arctic Mint
Passion fruit
Strawberry champagne
Fresh mint
Rodeo drive
There are even four different strengths that are even available with VC.
These options provide you to choose the best for yourself. The flavors are interesting with the variety of twists. Therefore, you should not miss trying them.
They provide a lifetime warranty on the product. Vapor couture even provides five times replacement policy on batteries and other electronic components. On the other hand, if the items are misused then the warranty will be restricted.
Coupon code

By theses coupon codes you will get a discount up to 25%. Use the coupon codes while purchasing any vapor couture product. You should check the entire coupon one by one as some of these may not work.

If you are the one looking for an e-cig of good quality and touch of style then here it is. Vapor couture e-cig is the first e – cigarette designed for women. It has a wonderful design and variety of color combinations. This e-cig is worth having for its performance, reliability and design. For women, these e-cigs provides a good vaping experience without giving up the taste. So if you are interested in buying e-cigs then this is surely the one to have a try on.

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