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Complete Bull Smoke Review And Coupon Code

Bull smoke E-cigarettes are popular with its flawless design and stunning look.

Their western theme makes this E-cig different from other e-cigs which are available in the marketplace. Bull smoke launched their first electronic cigarette in 2010 and has taken a strong place in the competitive market. This company is located in Nevada, U.S.A. That is why it offers free shipping all over the United States.

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It ships globally in exchange for less amount of money.

Here's where you can get started.  However, if you're here for our review, then read on below and be sure to use the money saving coupons.

What's in the Bull Smoke Starter kit?


Bull smoke offers the Ranch Hand Starter Kit (that's what you see in the above image) with a huge discount. Here's everything that the Ranch Hand kit comes with

  1. 10 cartridges with two different flavors.
  2. 2 automatic lifelong batteries.
  3. A wall Adapter.
  4. USB Express Charger
  5. A user manual.
  6. And get this – A Lifetime warranty!

This package is worth $74.95 however as part of the starter kit, you can get the Ranch Hand Starter Kit from Bull Smoke for only $29.95.

Complete Bull Smoke Review And Coupon Code
Looking to see if Bull Smoke is for you?
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Bull Smoke Review

Looking to see if Bull Smoke is for you?

Battery Life

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Take a Look At The Stunning Design

Bull smoke is giving a hard time to its competitors with its stylish tough guy look. With their attractive slogan “More Vapor, no Bull”, the design looks irrelevant. The engineers of this company had invented the 2 pieces electronic cigarette design, which gave its product to create a space in this competitive market. Where most of the brands support model with three or four pieces, there Bull smoke’s 2 piece model design has added the uniqueness to its e-cigs.


You can carry this e-cig easily wherever you want. When you are ready to use new cartridge, just unscrew the old cartridge and screw the new one with the battery.

It is that simple, isn’t it?

Does Bull Smoke Provide A Nicotine Hit?

One of the most important things about an e-cig is to get good nicotine hit as the same we get in traditional cigarettes.

For those who are used to smoking old traditional cigarettes, Bull smoke can be a good pick for them. Many smokers switch back to Nicotine based cigarettes from E-cigarette for not getting satisfactory throat hit. It happens when you choose a low quality electronic cigarette. From this aspect, Bull smoke is one of the best e-cigs which gives you satisfying Nicotine hit like as old traditional cigarettes.

Bull Smoke offers you 5 different nicotine levels to get a satisfactory hit experience.

You have to choose the right one for you.

  • Nicotine amounts in 24 mg= comparable to – non-filters
  • Nicotine amounts in 18 mg= comparable to – full flavored
  • Nicotine amounts in 12 mg= comparable to – lights
  • Nicotine amounts in 6 mg = comparable to- ultra-lights
  • Nicotine amounts in 0 mg = contains no nicotine.

What About Vapor Quality?

The volume of vapor a bull smoke produces is sufficient and reasonable. In every puff, you will get a satisfying mouthful of vapor.

It is to be noted that choosing the flavor and amount of voltage also play a big role.

Powerful Battery Life

bullsmokebatteriesgrowthpopBull smoke offers three types of batteries.

They are: the Stubby, the Original and the Kentucky. They offer two Original batteries with the starter kit. But, you can also buy the Stubby and The Kentucky from their store.

Stubby is the smallest among the Bull Smoke batteries. It is just 65 mm in size. When you attach this battery with a cartridge, the size of that e-cig will be like a traditional king size cigarette. You can have at most 150 puffs by this battery.

The Original is the battery which they offer with the Ranch Hand kit. It is 79 mm in size. It is a powerful 4.2 volt Lithium-ion battery which will be durable until 200 puffs are pulled.

Kentucky is the most powerful among these three batteries. It endures 300 puffs per charge. This is 110 mm in size.

The price of these three batteries is $14.95 each. If you buy 5 batteries at a time, you will get a discount of 15 dollars.

All Three batteries are available in automatic or Push button vapor release system. Push-Button Release system gives the extra facility to release 25%more vapor than usual.

What Are The Cartridge Flavors?

Bull smoke offer 10 flavors and up to five different nicotine level. The flavors that Bull smoke offers are:

● American ranger: This gives you the flavor of single leaf Virginia tobaccos. It is of the similar taste of an actual cigarette.

● Turkish tobacco: This is a cartridge that replicates the Middle Eastern tobacco taste.

● Menthol breeze: Menthol cartridge is a good option for the ex-menthol smokers.

● Peppermint ice: The sweetness makes it a bit better than the menthol breeze. It is another good option for ex-menthol smoker.

● Coffee roast: It is an enjoyable one with the high-quality taste of fully roasted coffee. The taste of it does not hit in your head but satisfies the need of taste you are looking for.

● Sweet vanilla: This cartridge invokes your feeling about vanilla flavored ice cream. This is one of the most popular ones.

● Chocolate treat: You can find the essence of chocolate.

● Cherry blast: This cartridge blasts cherry while puffing. It is recommended for a new e-cig starter.

● Grape escape: This cartridge is one of the best flavors. It evokes the enjoyable taste of fresh and ripe grapes with its smooth, juicy and delicious flavor.

● Refined blend: It is one of the third tobacco options. This one is smoother than other cartridges.

In a pack there are five cartridges available. You have to consider $12.95 for each pack.

Comes with A Lifetime Warranty

Bull smoke offers an exclusive lifetime warranty on all charging devices. They also offer a 1-year warranty on their batteries. They have a convenient replacement policy.

Latest Bull Smoke Coupon Codes

By using these coupon codes you can enjoy up to 20% discount. If any code does not work, use the other.

Once you add an item to your carts then click on checkout. There, you need to confirm your address. Then you have to choose a shipping method. If you live in U.S.A, you won’t have to pay additional charges for shipping. After the proceeding, you will be asked to enter a discount code. Then, copy a code from here and paste it. Now, enjoy your discount on the product.

From the aspect of reasonable price, Bull Smoke is one of the better electronic cigarettes, beyond any doubt. For 30 dollars, you will not get any better e-cig than Bull Smoke. No One will offer you this type of quality product just for thirty dollars. On the other hand, their website is outstanding and well categorized. It is easy to navigate out there. They have fast and responsive customer service, as well.

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